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Hong Kong Visa:The most common way a Western executive will work in Hong Kong is through an internal company transfer. Arranging a Hong Kong work visa not a formality. The Hong Kong Immigration Department will still want to know why an expat is being granted a Hong Kong visa in at the expense of offering a local resident employment. Whether you are being transferred to Hong Kong or are an overseas hire, the employer will have to submit a Hong Kong work visa application and supporting documents, including the CV of the person being transferred. They may also need to show a copy of the local job advertisement and the CVs of the local candidates who were rejected for the advertised position.

Should you be transferring to, or joining a company that is already established in Hong Kong please see our Orientation page for assistance in making your Hong Kong work visa application.

Am I eligible?

General Employment Policy

If you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong as a skilled migrant and possess the right qualifications, skills and experience for which Hong Kong desires, you may be eligible to obtain a visa under the GEP.

You must have a confirmed offer of employment when applying and the vacancy must be in an occupation relevant to your skills and qualifications. It should also be an occupation that cannot be easily filled by local labor. Moreover, you must not have a criminal record or otherwise represent a security risk.

If you are a Chinese national living overseas, you may be eligible to come to Hong Kong under the GEP provided that you have permanent residence overseas, and have been residing overseas for at least one year before your application.

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